5 questions to: Aviotek and ORBX collaboration

ORBX is bringing their sceneries to X-Plane 11 and their doing it with the help of some talented scenery developers such as Aviotek and Skyline.

This article starts a new format for this blog. We’ll try to interview the most important members of the X-Plane community as they are involved in some big news and events. It was a pleasure to have a chat with an as young as talented scenery developer, actually one of the best: Vittorio Greco, CEO of Aviotek simulations about the collaboration he started with ORBX.

What’s going to be the first project in cooperation with ORBX?

“I started this cooperation with ORBX last December, and now I’m converting one of their best sceneries ever made. For obvious reason at the moment I cannot tell you what’s the airport that I’m converting, but once finished, everyone will be excited and anxious to fly there.”

The community is asking if ORBX just give you a scenery made for P3D/FSX and you have to rework it alone or if they assist you.

“The plan is as follow: I decide what airport to convert and then ORBX gives me all the stuff I need (3D models, textures, charts etc.), then I start the conversion process. I work alone most of the time, if I need any kind of help or if I have questions, I just drop an email to the original developer asking for his help.”

What will be the future of Dubai considered this collaboration?

“The collaboration between ORBX and Aviotek will not alter our projects line. Dubai is a huge scenery, it will take a bit longer than Skiathos to finish, but I will work on both sides doing my best, as always. That said, Dubai is getting better and better every single day, and I can’t wait to let people enjoy this scenery!

What do you expect from the community, a cold reaction because ORBX firstly ignored X-Plane or viceversa?

“Last year ORBX announced that one of their airport was almost ready for X-Plane 11, and a few weeks later they cancelled the project. At first everyone was mad at their for that news, at the end we know that ORBX is a leader in the FSX/P3D market, and they are well known for their fantastic sceneries. Last year they were not ready to put their products in the X-Plane market, but now they are, and a lot of people will appreciate their artworks.”

A little comment about the fact that ORBX also cooperates with Skyline Simulation. Since Tom’s cockpit knows well you and Chris, would you like to tell him something to support or to advice him?

“I’m happy that Skyline is also involved in this project, and I’m sure that Chris will be able to show his capabilities at 100%. I’m not in the position to tell him to do his job better or to change any aspects of his workflow, maybe viceversa! So Chris, if you have any kind of tip or suggestion, I’m here!”

Indeed Aviotek is not the only development house involved in ORBX’s scenery conversion, but also Skyline Simulation is and we are impatient to have a little interview with Chris Verizgiannis also who was always really availbale and kind with the staff, so we wish him and his team good luck!

Anyway Vittorio also told me how he met ORBX in Cosford. The man who was the mediator in that case, as you can read in the facebook post on Aviotek’s page, was Wycliffe Barrett, founder of “X-Plane Dedicated” empire, he is the “x” if we imagine the Aviotek-ORBX relation as a mathematic equation, without the right “x” the equation can’t be solved!

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