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Sometimes the border line among being a top developer and being behind the biggest fraud to X-Plane users is too thin. This is what we have to expect about ATS simulations

If you came here to read about ATS there are two chances. You bought their MD82 on day one like me or you are simply snooping about their destiny. In both cases ATS team it’s a great debate engager in the X-Plane community, three simple letters can really generate a storm on social networks and forums.

Their goal was to bring to the X-Plane world a study level simulation of the legendary ‘Maddog‘ that was expected to be a default aircraft in X-Plane 10 also. The italian team announced the project and showed a preview of the 3D model in 2013.

Even if you are not an expert you can see how wrong is the nose compared to the real MD80 or even to the Rotate’s version. Tha was one of the first mistakes by ATS that pretended to not correct the model even after some real pilots (which identities will be kept secret) complained about this issue.

Here you can see how the nose line is less smooth then the one on the ATS’ 3D model. But let’s proceed further.

The system simulation was over all very sweet, some real pilots contributed to the development of the plane (of course) and the simulation was really high fidelity! Of course there was some little errors, nothing serious, but again not totally corrected after the gripes of the community.

Someone complained for the developers attitude, sometimes too aproximative and conceited, but I must say that I received the right consideration and support by the team, and they didn’t seem so bad to me!

Finally the plane was realeased (almost a year ago) but suddently removed from the store for some reasons still partially misterious. The concrete fact is that the first version was full of bugs, errors on the flight model and more. Definitely something that couldn’t be sold for something around 80$.

The textures were really great, still less detailed than the Rotate’s one, but really enjoyable. I got in touch with different people who developed the textures for this plane and this is the reason why I recognize their excellence.

We are still expecting for a X-Plane 10 and 11 fully compatible versions, in the meanwhile an important member left the team and the attempt to give the fault to Rotate simulations for “copying” their projects even when the community was impatient for their products, was ridicolous.

The money we spent on their aircraft cannot be refunded of course… The italian law is like a one-way funtion. Easy in one sense (earning moneys), practically impossible in the other (refund).

The ATS saga is getting nowhere. Their site is apparatently offline, the last version for the one who got it is working properly in X-Plane 10, but stillfar from study level. I have no news from the team since August.

For those who are still waiting you can wait for a miracle, or believe it as one of the biggest fraud to the X-Plane community. And the second is actually more realistic.


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