A focus on the A350XWB tour

Let’s discover theA350XWB demonstration tour around Middle-East and Asia. First of all, what about the newest A30 family member?

The A350XWB family recently had a new member: the A350-1000. The OneThousand is the latest, but won’t be the biggest A350 ever built as Airbus confirmed they are studying a longer version, the -2000.

As you can see in the last years we are witnessing to a large development of twin engine long range aircrafts. This happens due to the failure of the four engines jet (except the A380) that with their crazy fuel consumption are uneconomic. it’s not rare to see A340 and B747 retired…

That’s why in the very near future we’ll see the Boeing 777-X series, the 787 series, the A350XWB family and the A330 family (with the newest Neo) competing each other to become the airlines’ favourite heavy jet.

The A350-1000 is one of the most advanced aircrafts you can see out there. A lot of technology is implemented in the cockpit and flight dynamics, even more than in the 787!

With a wingspan of more than 64 metres and a lenght of aproximately 74 metres it’s one of the biggest twin jets you can see out there.

Compared to the -900 (with wich shares the 95% of cockpit and insruments to make pilots upgrade quicker and cheaper) it burns the 25% less fuel, and has a longer range (8,000 nm of true range).

Why a demostration tour in Middle-East and Asia?

Why not! If we look at the orders for the A350s six of the top seven ordering airlines are located in Asia or Middle-East! As we know the eastern airlines are surfing a growing market, they provide better salaries to their personal (even if they often save up on sindacates and rights) and they have moneys to invest on fleet renewal.

The tour is composed by 12 destinations, two legs are already completed, starting and finishing in Tolouse, the Airbus headquarter.

You can follow the tour and the ceremonies, like the one that celebrated the orders from Qatar Airways which will start operate the -1000 in few weeks, on the official Instagram account of Airbus, they usually publish the tripreports as stories.

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